How to update in MyDrive Connect

You can use MyDrive Connect to update, change or install new maps on your navigation device.

How to update using Wi-⁠Fi

Some devices receive updates directly through a Wi-Fi connection. Please check the list of compatible devices on our website

Device not recognised

Make sure to detach the mount from the device before connecting, and that the USB cable is connected to a port directly on the computer. Try with another cable if needed.

No maps found

Be aware that most map installation issues can be caused by antivirus & firewall software. Start by checking that TomTom Home or MyDrive Connect is not blocked anywhere.

Battery issues / Doesn't turn on

Max battery life (not connected to power) is 2 hours. Charging in a car during use will only maintain the battery. Fully charge by connecting it to a computer while off.

Soft Reset

If a device isn't responding/functioning properly, the first step is a Soft Reset. Press and hold the On/Off button until you hear the drums, then immediately release it.

Factory Reset

A factory reset changes all settings to default and clears out all saved places. Main Menu > Settings > System > Reset > Confirm - Ensure customer is aware of data loss.

Recovery Mode

If a device displays a red cross or freezes during startup, you may need to put it in Recovery Mode to do a clean reinstall of the system software.